LeCron’s 7 key causes of psychosomatic conditions

This is the best darned technique ever for unlocking the cause of any tricky symptom a client brings in. Credited to psychologist and hypnotherapist Leslie LeCron, it identifies 7 issues that commonly give rise to physical or emotional symptoms. They are Conflict, Organ language, Motivation, Past experience, Identification, Self-punishment, and Suggestion.

To use the 7 keys, induce hypnosis in the client and then set up ideomotor signalling. Once the yes, no and “I can’t say” yet fingers are installed, proceed to go through the keys one by one, explaining what each one means and then asking whether the client’s deep inner mind feels it is being affected by this  issue.

I’ve written a more detailed article on my Hypnotechniques website – The 7 common causes of psychosomatic disorders.

I’ve been able to get to the bottom of really baffling issues with this technique, so do take a look at it.


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